Microwave Repair

Microwave On The Fritz? We’ve Got You Covered!

Microwaves are the epitome of convenience. Got leftovers? Pop in the microwave and you have dinner in minutes. Want soup, oatmeal, or a cup of tea? Your microwave has you covered.

Many modern kitchens incorporate built-in microwaves. Unlike a cheaper model that sits on your countertop, built-in microwaves are installed above the stove or oven, or within your cabinetry. They are convenient and well-liked because they take up so much less counter space. However, they are more of an investment than a cheaper unit. Because of this, you will likely find yourself looking for repair options when it breaks, rather than the more costly option of replacing it. Since microwave ovens offer so much convenience in terms of food prep, we’re sure you’ll want it up and running quickly. If you’re used to the convenience and then have to live without it, it can be very frustrating.

Here at Peerless Appliance Services, we want to make your life easier. That’s why Peerless offers timely, affordable, quality repairs for microwaves and other appliances. Our professional, expert technicians can repair anything from a faulty door latch to a bad magnetron! With years of experience repairing built-in, countertop, and over-the-range microwaves, Peerless offers microwave repair Roanoke VA can trust.

When your microwave is acting up and you need a repair team you can trust, give us a call. We are available 7 days a week, and will get your microwave repaired without delay!

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Microwave Repair

Types of Microwave Ovens We Repair

  • Countertop: These come in a variety of sizes and wattage. However, they take up valuable counter space and offer no ventilation system.
  • Over-the-range: This type combines a microwave oven and a range hood to save space and add functionality.
  • Built-in: These blend in seamlessly with cabinetry and often feature a drop-down door.

Our technicians are familiar with all three types of microwave oven and their common problems.

Microwave Repair - Roanoke, VA

We service all brands of microwave ovens.

Peerless Appliance Services is a local, veteran owned business that takes pride in taking care of our customers!! For Microwave Repair Roanoke, VA trusts, contact us today! Just see what others are saying!!